The Picture of Perfect Perfection


Dear Dwarfling,

Your mother took you to a doctor’s appointment this week, and we finally have medical proof of what I have suspected all along:

You’re completely perfect.

It’s official.

Our doctor has looked you over, poked you in every way possible – measured, weighed, prodded and did any other verb that she could think of to you. And after all of that you have been proclaimed to be in perfect health.

She also said you were adorable, but she gets no points for stating the blindingly obvious.

You now weigh just over 10 lbs and are 59cm long. You are growing at a good rate proportional to your size. Your head measures 38cm in circumference. I’m not sure why the doctor felt the need to measure that, but at least now I can order a hat for you and know that it’s going to fit.

The doctor also commented on how good your awareness is and how well you are engaging with the world around you.  That is no surprise. I can already tell that you aren’t happy just sitting around, and that you want to get moving and start doing stuff. I am quite sure that once you get your legs under you – and I think that you’ll skip the whole crawling thing – you’re going to be a rampaging beast who refuses to sit still. Just like Godzilla or King Kong, except our living room will be your Tokyo.

I am very glad that you’re in perfect health. It’s a relief, honestly.




  1. Aww! Well worth the wait She is super adorable!

  2. The bottom picture could be compared to the baby “FOR THE HORDE!” shout.

  3. Glad to hear everything is perfect! :)
    Sooo cute! Must get the big camera out more often..

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