A Modest Wiggling of Feet


Dear Dwarfling,

You took a big step the other night.

Well, not really, it was a very small and unsure step. More of a wiggling of feet in succession than anything else.

Let me explain. You and your mother were sharing a little bit of Goo Goo Girl Talk after she was finished changing you, holding you under the arms and making you giggle and laugh like crazy. But at some point during the conversation you must have decided that you wanted to be somewhere else, so you tried to walk away.

Now, obviously you weren’t successful. Your balance, to put it frankly, sucks right now. It probably has something to do with your head being quite out of scale with your body. In fact, you oftentimes look remarkably like a bobble-head doll.

But you tried. You wiggled your feet in the appropriate sequence and seemed incredibly excited while doing it. Almost as excited as your mother was.

Watching you discover new things like this is very cool. Every day I can see you learning and getting stronger: Trying to sit up, trying to lift yourself up with your arms, trying to roll over or trying to go for a walk.

Hey, I’m your father. I’m allowed to get excited over relatively insignificant things.



One comment

  1. You know, when she does start standing/walking/running, we need video!

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